Places to"Visit".......

Here are some of the places I've been during my outings in Winnipeg, and in my travels. Some are TG Friendly (Shown with an asterisk "*") and some are just plain "being out in public!" For event dates - Click Here!

Winnipeg Night Clubs I've been to...

*Club 200
190 Garry St.
Ph. (204) 943-6045
September 11, 2002, was my first visit to Club 200 with the girls of Masquerade. Since then, it has become my "After the meeting" hangout!!
Visit their web site
*Club Happenings (NOW CLOSED)
274 Sherbrook St.

We go to Club Happenings for our "Pool Parties" :-) Note: Unfortunately, Club Happenings closed it's doors in June of 2004.

*Down Under (NOW CLOSED)
272 Sherbrook St.

"Under" Club Happenings, Down Under is a realy fun place. Note: Unfortunately, Club Happenings closed it's doors in June of 2004.

155 Smith St.
Ph. (204) 786-1236
Gio's recently moved from Sherbrook St. to their new location at 155 Smith St. Unfortunately, Gio's has also closed.
The Cork & Dock
1700 Pembina Hwy.

After working at Mary's store for the first day of her spring sale, she took me out for drinks to celebrate, to the lounge of the Cork & Dock, an every day lounge. It was such a wiild experience, being in a "straight" lounge for a change, and feeling so comfortable:-)

Places I love to go shopping...
*Lady Godiva Boutique

. If you are a crossdresser, please, don't hesitate to write to Mary at She is totally understanding of our needs and is "God's GIFT to crossdressers!" (Tell her Sabrina sent you*S*).

Lady Godiva Boutque the store has now closed and is on-line only at

Polo Park Shopping Centre

In February, 2001, I got up enough courage to walk into Polo Park Shopping Centre wearing a mini skirt and heels:-) Realizing a dream I have had for years! Since then, I've enjoyed many shopping trips to Polo Park with Shandi, Vanessa, Jacilynn and also my daughter too! Click for pic!

La Chateau Warehouse
1395 Ellice Ave.

A wonderful clearance centre where you are sure to find great bargains! The staff are very friendly and very helpfull:-)

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shopping for makeup, which is usually stressful in guy mode, has never been more fun, than doing it en fem. I've shopped many times as Sabrina, and on Sunday, March 26, 2005, finaly had the Shoppers Drug Mart Cosmetician choose the proper foundation for me. Click here for my story


Another drug store near Lady Godiva Boutique. During my days at "work", at Mary's store, I stopped there a few times, to pick up those "last minute" things a girl needs:-)


Shopping as a girl is a thrilling experience. I've been to Zellers a few times en fem, both with my daughter and Shandi, and when I've been out by myself too!

St. Vital Center

St. Vital Centre has been a favorite mall to go shopping in and I have been out with the Masquerade girls, my daughter, and Chantal

Garden City Shopping Centre

I've only been to the Garden City Shopping Center a few times, once with Jacilynn and once with Chantal.

Northgate Shopping Centre

The Cinema City theater is in the Northgate Shopping Centre and I have been out shopping in the mall when waiting for movies to start when out with my daughter and when I have been out shopping with Chantal.

Grant Park Shopping Centre

Although not a favorite spot, I have been shopping at the Grant Park Shopping Centre a few times and for when we've got to movies at the theater.

Kildonan Place Shopping Centre

This was a first! Ever since I started going out shopping as Sabrina I had always avoided the Kildonan Place Shopping Centre since it was close to where I lived and wanted to avoid running into people I knew. That all changed on March 26, 2005, during a shopping trip with Chantal. I thought about it and figured that since I hardly ever run into people I know when out in drab, what was I worried about!

Restaurants I've been too...
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
1295 Pembina Hwy..
(This location is closed)

I was treated to dinner during my first real evening out in public. Foot Lover, whom I met at TG Chat and was visiting Winnipeg, was kind enough to take me out to dinner, and I must say, it was quite an experience! Click here for my story


Yes, McDonalds!! Can you imagine going to McDonalds and sitting there in a mini skirt and heels. Shandi and I did just that after our shopping trip to Polo Park! Click for pic!

*Fat Angel Bistro
220 Main St.
(This restaurant is closed)

Our group gets together for private dinners, plus I've been there with Shandi, Vanessa, Natalie and Dave (from Ottawa) during "regular" business hours too*S* Click for group pic!

Tim Hortons

During my afternoon out with Dave from Ottawa, we stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee and a chat.

On February 28, 2004, I did something I never thought I'd ever do...I visiten my daughter at the Tim Hortons she worked at!!

Subway After a long hard day at "Work" at Lady Godiva, Jacilynn, who was in guy mode, was very kind and treated me to dinner at Subway across the street. (Thanks Jacilynn)
Perkins Restaurant

Mary took us out to Perkins Restaurant on October 6, 2002, after our four days of working at The Everything To Do With Sex Show. (Thanks Mary)

Papa George's
(This restaurant is closed)

After the KeyCon mardi gra social on March 6, 2004, Andrew took me out to dinner to Papa George's. Click here for my story .Then, after the B&B on Saturday, April 3, 2004, I went to Papa Georges with the girls!

Tubby's Restaurant

After a wonderful day of shopping with Vanessa, we stopped for "fish & chips" at Tubby's, a nice little restaurant on Stafford Street. Click here for my story

Half Moon

After and afternoon out shopping with my daughter we took a nice drive out to Lockport and had a snack at the Half Moon restaurant, a favorite Sunday afternoon destination! Click here for my story

Grocery & Convenience stores I've shopped at...

On my way to Shandi's party, in October 2001, I stopped at Safeway to buy soft drinks and munchies. A few guys checked me out in the snack food isle, but no bad feelings, and the staff was very friendly too:-)

Food Fare

A nice little "corner grocery" that I sometimes go to when I stop to visit Mary, and she sends me out "Shopping" *S* (Thanks Mary, you just know I love helping out*S*)

Extra Foods

Although I won't count this as for shopping, I have visited an Extra Foods grocery store. The day my Ex-wife met "Sabrina"!

Seven Eleven

It seems that as I get so comfortable when out and about as Sabrina, even such a simple thing as stoppping for munchies on the way to a party or to pick up a lottery ticket at Seven Eleven is something I do now without giving it a second thought!

Other venues I've visited ...
The Forks Market
Downtown Winnipeg

During a few outings with Shandi, Vanessa and a special visitor, Catherine, I've enjoyed visiting the Forks Market in Winnipeg. Click here for my story and pics:-)

Cinema City &
Silver City
Movie Theaters

One of my all-time fantasies, was to go to the movies in a mini skirt and heels! Many thanks to Foot Lover, who was visiting Winnipeg, for making my fantasy become a reality. After dinner at the Keg, we went to see Hannibal. GOD what a thrill that was, to be sitting in a crowded theatre and feeling so comfortable too:-) Click here for my story:-)

Since then, I've also enjoyed going to the movies with the girls of Masqurade, and also with my daughter, who is so cool with having an "Aunt Sabrina":-) She came with us when I went to see Sorority Boys (A CD Training film*S*) with Shandi, Vanessa, Ardra, and Venessa's cousin and her cousin's boyfriend. Click here for my story:-)

In the spring of 2002, my I went to see Harry Potter in Cinema City with my daughter. That was so cool, sitting in a crowded theatre with all the moms, dads and kids!! Click here for my story:-)

And now it seems like an every day event to go out to the movies with my friends from Masquerade, to go see Legally Blond 2, Lady Killers, Connie & Carla, 30 Going on 30, 50 First Dates, and Mean Girls! Click on the links for my stories.

*Black & Blue Ball
160 Osborne St. (Closed)
The Black & Blue Ball is a regular fetish event held about every six weeks, and gives us T-girls yet another place to go and have a great time. Check out the B & B web site
(Raddison Hotel)
An annual science fiction convention held every year in Winnipeg. In May 2002, it was held at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. Check out the Keycon Web Site I had so much fun I went back in 2003 and 2004!
The Everything To
Do With Sex Show
(Assiniboine Downs)

Talk about being out in the public eye! On October 3 to 6, 2002, I got to work en fem again for Mary of Lady Godiva Boutique! The show was held at Assiniboine Downs, and in the 4 days had about 20,000 visitors!! Click here for my story:-)

Blockbuster Video

After an afternoon out shopping with my daughter, we stopped at her workplace, Blockbuster Video, on Sunday, February 27, 2005. Click here for my story:-)

The "Manitoba Museum"

A dream come true! Ever since I was 16 I had always wanted to go visit the Manitoba Museum as a girl and on Saturday, March 26, 2005, that dream came true! Click here for my story:-)

Brandon, Manitoba

Restaurants I've visited...

Lee's Chinese Restaurant
On 1st St..

Something I always wanted to do duing one of my road trips was to visit a restaurant en fem, and by myself!! So on Thursday, November 7, 2002, I finaly got the chance and went out for dinner as a wonderful way to end two weeks on the road! I can't wait to do it again:-)

Places I've shopped at...

Wal-Mart in the
Brandon Shoppers Mall
On 18th St.

On Thursday, May 1, 2003, while in Brandon, Manitoba, I finnished work early, got all pretty wearing a red sweater, black pleather mini skirt and high heeled boots and did what comes naturaly to a girl with time on her hands.. Went shopping to the Brandon Shoppers Mall!!

Swan River, Manitoba

Places I've been shopping...

Down Town Businesses
I can't remember everywhere we went shopping the day I visited Jasmine in Swan River. However I certainly enjoyed walking down the main street in Swan River, visiting the drug store, a liquidation store, and the Sears outlet.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Clubs I've visited in Regina...

*2070 Broad Street.

During my visit with Nikki in Regina, we headed out to the club for a little while. It was a very slow night, which was ok, giving us a chance to talk:-) (Thanks Nikki *HUGS*)

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Clubs I've visited in Saskatoon...



After a wonderful dinner with Bobbie at Thomas Cook, we headed to Diva's, a really lively place:-) (Thanks Bobbie*HUGS*)

Restaurants ...

Thomas Cook

During a trip to Saskatoon, I met up with Bobbie, a wonderful TS girl in Saskatoon, and went out to Thomas Cook, a very nice restaurant, for dinner. A very pleasant experience. (Thanks Bobbie*HUGS*)

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Clubs I've been to...

*Voo Doo Lounge
24 Cumberland Ave.
On Friday, February 28, 2003, I met with Theadora and Lonnie on "Their Turf" and had an enjoyable evening at the club.

Restaurants I've visited...

Seattle Coffee House
On Arthur St.
During and evening out with Theadora in Thunder Bay, we hit the Seattle Coffee house for a hot cider. After all, when wearing a mini skirt at - 30 C, you need a little "anti-freeze" for the legs.:-)
Mr. Chinese
On Arthur St.
Something I don't general do, is go to smaller places where I go often as "him", but something this time was different. During my trip to Thunder Bay, I went out as Sabrina to Mr. Chinese, to order takeout!

Pizza Hut
On Arthur St.

Since I was already en fem, and hungry, waiting for the A & E show "ROle Reversal", I couldn't resist going out to get my pizza rather than having it delivered!

Places I love to go shopping...

Intercity Mall

Something I had tried to do many times before, without finding the nerve to do, I finaly put that to rest on January 23, 2003, and spent the evening Shopping at Intercity Mall.

Fort Francis, Ontario

Places I've been shopping...

Yes, at the Saan store in Fort Francis, Ontario! It was winter and I indeed was wearing a mini skirt! (Probably the only girl wearing a skirt in that whole town!)

In all my years of keeping to myself and being alone in the world, I had always dreamed of doing all of these things, but had always thought they were just that, dreams. With the wonderful support I received in TG Chat, and with meeting wonderful people at Masquerade, these dreams became a reality. *Thanks everyone*!!!

From my experiences out in public these last few years, I have to say, I do find that I am treated much better as Sabrina, than as "him"!

I hope you have found this information helpful, and most important of all, I truly hope you find comfort in simply being yourself:-)


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