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Before I discovered the vast wealth of information on the net, I sure felt alone in this world. Now I know this is not the case. I hope you enjoy visiting these sites too :-) (links open in a new browser window)

Social Clubs & Support Groups

Masquerade is a Winnipeg based social club and support group for the transgendered, offering a safe supportive environment for cross dressers, transsexuals and transvestites to meet, socialize, learn and discuss about themselves and this lifestyle.
Rainbow Resource Centre
Serving Manitoba's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Two Spirit Communities
Xpressions is a Toronto support group and has a very helpful web site. It was through a link on their site that I found Masquerade. :-)
The Cornbury Society
We're the Cornbury Society, a social, educational and support group for crossdressers based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Chat Rooms

Removed as links no longer valid

Performers, TG Friendly Clubs & Events

The Space Girls
The "Space Girls" are Masquerade's very own performers! Performing on the stages of Winnipeg to raise money for charity.
Club 200
Club 200 is located at 190 Gary St. in Winnipeg, and has become a favorite place to get out and have a lot of fun at.
Fame Night Club Winnipeg! Winnipeg’s hottest GLBTTQ* nightclub located at 279 Garry Street.


Lady Godiva Boutique
A wonderful boutique, now only an on-line store, with everything a well dressed girl needs!

For pics and stories of my days working as Sabrina at Lady Godiva Boutique - Click Here
Frederick's Of Hollywood
A favorite place for years! Even before the net. A great place to find all those "Fantasy" items.
Victoria's Secret
I like to visit this site often to check out the latest fashions.

Sister's Web Sites

Suzie Petersen (Site no longer on-line)
Suzie, from Atlanta, Georgia, will always be a very special person in my life. *Thanks Suzie* *HUGS*
Cynthia A Cousens (Site no longer on-line)
A special friend I met in the Pink Room at TG Chat
Shandi's Pretty Place (Site no longer on-line)
A Masquerade member and a very dear friend in Winnipeg!
Yvonne's Place For Crossdressers (Site no longer on-line)
Be sure you have time when you visit Yvonne's site. She has great information, tips and lots of "Food For Thought".
Crossdressing & Transgender: Laurie Kastler Illusions in Beauty (Site no longer on-line)
Redheaded crossdresser - pictures, links, and humorous text about being transgendered in California.

TG Informative Sites

For Transgender Voices & Views, I suggest you tune in to world wide radio... "GenderTalk"
Visit their web site and listen to their archived shows too!
TG Forum
Crossdressers, Transvestites and Transsexuals Welcome Here: Transgender Forum.
TG Now
A wealth of information and links can be found on this web site.
The Society For The Second SelfLaverne Cox

A very informative web site from the UK.

"Me And Bobbi And The Gurls" is a collection of short stories by Bobbi Williams.Laverne Cox

You can order her book at . Click here -

Transgender Addiction Resource | Transgender Community & Addiction

How Addiction Affects The Transgender Community

Other Web Sites
Keycon 20 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention - May 16-18 2003, Winnipeg MB !! This was my second visit to KeyCon, and such a fun experience! Visiting all the ConSuites, and dancing the night away on Saturday evening with my daughter, and with Shandi and her wife Charm! Click here for my story.
More links to follow soon.......

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