"Dancing the nigth away at KeyCon 23" May 20, 2006

Sabrina at KeyCon 20For this year's KeyCon, #23, I had planned on spending a whole lot more time at the convention, but as my luck would have it, things just didn't work out and I wound up working that weekend. I did however, make arrangements to have the evening off on Saturday, May 20, 2006, so I could go to the KeyCon social that evening!

I Since I live with my unsupportive GF it took a bit of planning ahead of time, to arrange to have my outfit picked out and ready in my van for the evening. After work, I went home for dinner, spent a little time at home afterwards, then left for the evening Usually it means telling the "little white lies" when it comes to me getting my "Girl Time" away from home, yet since on this evening my GF knew I'd be out with my daughter it made thing much more relaxing. Knowing I wasn't "sneaking around".

Of course I couldn't get dressed at home so as usual, I found a parking spot and changed in my van. It may sound cramped. But after doing it for so many years it actually seems more comfortable. Having a routine with everything at my finger tips. Almost like stepping into the phone booth and out pops "Sabrina!"

By around 9:30 PM I was ready wearing a tight pleather mini skirt, a white long sleeve top and pumps with a 5 inch heel! Yup, a perfect outfit for dancing :-)

The KeyCon has been held at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg for the past several years and they kinda take over a few floors of the hotel. Although parking isn't complicated, it takes 2 elevators to get to the convention floors. One from the parkade, the after walking past the front desk in a mini skirt and high heels you need to take a second elevator to the convention floors. And wouldn't you know it! When I arrived there was a whole crowd that appeared we unrelated to the convention waiting for elevators, which meant having to stand around the lobby looking sexy while I waited for a free elevator!

Getting off the elevator on the convention floor I met up with my ex and when I asked her where our daughter was she said she had left with some friends for "Food!" That was cool, so off I went into the social hall, got myself a drink (Pespi of course) and mingled a little while.

It's great to have friends who have gotten to know me as Sabrina! Although it's kinda funny... people who I know as "HIM" great me when in drab with a casual " Hi, how ya doin'" yet when I meet up with them en fem there is a definite change in attitude with the way I get great ed, like with the excited, wide-eyed "SABRINA!" Meeting up with Sherry and Leamber is always really cool, since I worked with them wayyy back in 1989. Plus there was Andrew! The really sweet guy who took me out to dinner after a KeyCon social a few years ago.

They had a live band and during their breaks a DJ filled in so there was lots of music to dance to and the floor was usually packed! I was on the dance floor when my daughter showed up and made a "grand entrance" sliding onto the floor while one of her favorite tunes was playing. She spent most of the evening dancing, kinda like the Energizer Bunny! It was a great evening and of course there were a few "Photo Ops". It was around 1 PM when I left, making my way down the elevator, through the lobby and back to the parkade, as he end of another wonderful evening came to an end. Until ... next time!

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